Museum iPad Kiosk – Wheels Through Time Using Flow Kiosk

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Museum iPad Kiosk – Wheels Through Time Using Flow Kiosk

Wheels Through Time uses Flow Kiosk as their museum iPad kiosk solution

Wheels Through Time Museum uses iPads running Flow Kiosk

small museum iPad kiosk - Wheels Through TimeWe at Flow Kiosk are always thrilled to hear about customers having success with our software, so we were delighted to talk to the folks at Wheels Through Time. For small museums that don’t have a big staff and probably not an IT department, Flow Kiosk is the best museum iPad kiosk app. It is the easiest, most functional way to put together interactive, secure kiosks for exhibitions.

We asked Stephen Snyder at Wheels Through Time a few questions about their museum and how and why they are using Flow Kiosk as their museum iPad kiosk app.

Q and A on Using Flow Kiosk at  Wheels Through Time Museum

Question: What is Wheels Through Time?

Answer: Wheels Through Time is a Transportation Museum dedicated to the preservation and documentation of American transportation history. We collect, revive, display, and teach the history of these old machines. Everything in the museum runs, and we are home to the worlds premier collection of rare American motorcycles, memorabilia, and a distinct array of unique “one-off” American automobiles. The museum houses a collection of over 350 rare machines and is located just 5 miles off the Blue Ridge Parkway in Maggie Valley, North Carolina.

Question: What challenge or objective does Flow Kiosk/FlowVella solve? Were you using something before that wasn’t working?

Answer:  We originally had web pages build specifically for fast load times, and formatted just for the iPad. However, if, and when we would lose signal or internet, the iPads would go offline. FlowVella allows us to build pages or “Flows” super fast and in greater length, along with never having the software go offline!
Question: Why is it important that Flow Kiosk/FlowVella support offline video for
your use?
Answer: We utilize archived footage on 4 of our Kiosks, so being able to have the
video locally stored on the iPad means that there’s virtually no load time.
This also means we can lock the kiosk down offline, and the function is
QuestionHow many iPad kiosks are you using?
Answer: We are currently using 10 iPads utilizing the FlowVella (Flow Kiosk) app.
For more information on Flow Kiosk, check out our features!
You can download the Flow Kiosk museum iPad kiosk app here!
You can also download the FlowVella Mac app here.
Are you using Flow Kiosk or FlowVella in your museum or welcome/visitor center and want to tell your story? We would love to hear how you and why you are using Flow Kiosk as your museum iPad kiosk. Please email us at support[at]


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